Sunday, 30 July 2017


Fashion is confused, contrary amusing and clashing rather like life at the moment. It reflects our madness. The colours and conflicting textures, the slim fit long skirts with glittery gym shoes, boy do I want to buy all that glitters. Just make sure that to be truly fashionable nothing matches and nothing is in what I would consider good taste, mismatch, you will be the belle of the ball.  Now "transmuters" are extending their wardrobes everything is acceptable, the human is morphing.  You know it is the end of the world, the extravagance but take the plunge anyway and be daring. Confuse the older generation make them think. Is this a woman, a man, a woman, transgender, intersex, imitation, an alien, a merman, nonbinary gender?  If you are not questioning everything that you thought you understood, I admit I am completely confused. The world's ethics are changing to match our sense of style. Be daring. Things like Intersex, which used to be hidden under the carpet are now considered more and more, just make sure you examine everything. I have to admit I am struggling. I like to be up to date but this is all too much and too fast. I was lectured by a 20-year-old girl last week that sex/gender was fluid when I questioned her,  I became even dizzier with the answers, I even asked what sex I was?.  Clothes are reflecting this. You may not be a bigot because you don't understand,  you just may not understand because we live in pure ignorance. The human is changing we don't know what it may evolve into yet?. I realize I led a sheltered life. So for me now in my wardrobe, Chanel is been replaced by chokers by Gucci. I am still wearing mini's but slowly glitter is being worn. I am in love. with my Barbie pink bomber jacket from Gucci which I practically sleep in. I also love seeing men wear satin/silk kimonos during the day, I can't make up my mind whether they look stylish or unemployed.  This morning I dyed my hair space ship silver that is what it said on the bottle, then thought "blondes have more fun", and dyed it back again. I have traveled so much in the last month, from Greece to Cyprus, To Italy to Austria, visiting the Ischia Global Film Festival, financial services for Europefx, to Greece where I tried for a couple of days to be bohemian.  So now I will settle down for a month to reflect all.
Nothing is sacred anymore, no privacy, babies are born on Instagram and the youth flaunt their wares, it's a long time ago that press and social media were out of fashion. In the future, we won't age but I wish I could have been frozen in time when the sell by date was a bit fresher.

Photograph by Tomas Auksas

Clothes to wear, try all Redcross outlets, buy too big, buy Bruta, Gucci, buy clothes from the opposite sex.

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